Repair Service for Your Overhead Paging System 

One of the most difficult things to do in telecom is to diagnose an overhead paging system.

  • Does the problem lie with the amplifier or power supply? 
  • Is it the page control interface or a speaker? 
  • Has a cable been “knicked” and shorted out or is it a loose connection? 

We can troubleshoot your paging system to isolate the problem and remedy your problem.  No system is too big or too small.  We work with Valcom Systems, Bogen Systems, and Avaya Systems.  Whether your paging system is amplified or self-amplified, we have the expertise to help.  

Need to add a speaker or horn to improve paging in a specific area, we can help. 

We have access to the largest manufacturers of paging equipment in the world and know how to configure your paging system to get the most out of it. Your paging systems help keep your business and employees safe.  It can operate to ley people know when the day has started and ended.  It can notify when it is break time and when that time is over.  Your paging system can help you communicate with employees when they are away from their phones.  It can notify of emergencies when time is of the essence.  Allow us to help you keep this essential system operating at optimum levels and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.